Peter’s Pitiful Plight


Peter Jenkins told his boss to piss off after watching a Youtube video about the concept of YOLO. He’d lived life like a gutless turd long enough. His smile brimmed ear to ear as he drove home a new man, things were going to be different, so different. He stopped and got a bottle of wine and some tacos on the way to surprise his wife Megan.

Alas, when he opened his front door he was stunned to see Megan in the foyer squatting naked over his best friend Jon. Jon was lying there jerking his dick while Megan was shitting on it. Logs of various sizes were cascading out of her ass-hole onto his meaty pole.

Peter had longed to eat shit his entire life and went full YOLO for the 2nd time that day, diving head first under the shit stream, some poop hit the back of his head but he turned quick enough to catch the last of the savory turds with his mouth.

Seeing Peter’s face become a human toilet was too much for Jon to take, it made him cum so hard he had a stroke and died while his dick was jizzing.

Peter YOLO’d Jon’s cumming hog into his mouth, the hot stream of semen blasted the floodgates to his internal gayness wide open, never to be closed again.

Life after that fateful evening and the divorce that ensued was a long and hard road for poor Megan.

It took years of therapy for her to work up the courage to shit on another fag.

Davey’s Deluge Of Dilemmas


At an upscale wine bar stocked with well dressed men of the business variety, there’s a celebration in progress.

“Congrats Davey, Cheers!”
(Glasses Clinking)
“Well done Davey!”

“So Davey, what’s next?”
“Yeah Davey, what’s next?”
“What’s next for Davey? More like, what’s left?Am I right? He’s got a smokin hot wife, adorable children, and just made partner at the firm… Where do you go from here Davey?”

Davey thought for a long moment and replied:
“I’ve never really thought about it, I have everything that I…thought I wanted.”
“Oh heavens Davey, what do you mean, ‘thought you wanted’, you have everything a man could ask for.”
“Yeah, that’s what I meant.”

After the party ended; Davey paid a streetwalker to shit on his cock, turn it into a mud-pie. This huge BBW laid a real slimy #2 on his johnson. With the smell of shit still fresh on his dong. He put his head in a noose and jerked his grimy cock off till he died.

All the horrible feelings he’d been carrying around his entire life finally disappeared.