Janet Karenina

At age 44 Janet’s husband’s heart exploded and her spirits were swept away in a general malaise. In desperation, Janet sought solace and found it in only one thing, large gatherings of colored men using her lonely and aging holes in all of the nastiest ways.

Interracial gang-bangs made life worth living.

That and her kids, whom she loved. She’d often accompany them to a show and out for a meal after. They had so much fun. The sound of her children’s laughter left her heart full, but her holes, so very empty by contrast. To remedy this, she’d sneak off to the nearest tavern and get positively glazed by the darkest men in town.

This one time at a real elegant fuck-party. With her holes wholly filled and every able bodied man on his 3rd or 4th facial or cream-pie(some vag, mostly anal). Someone offered her a crack pipe. She took the condom-less black dick out of her mouth long enough to take a sizable hit. Janet reached nirvana the instant she exhaled the crack smoke and inhaled the large black hog that was ripe to brick in her mouth.

And brick, it did.

The smoke-able cocaine ushered the centering of her consciousness towards all that mattered henceforth, black cock and crack rock.

Everything went to shit after that. She lost interest in her kids and spent her free time  pursuing crack fueled gang-bangs with all the most loathsome characters you might imagine would attend such a dirty thing.

She caught six types of AIDS in a week and died three days later, her body, absolutely riddled with the six various strains of AIDS.

She went to hell of course.
The lord spared her no mercy with his judgement.
He never does.

Ageless Desire 2

Last night grandma jones
lived her lifelong dream
six super dark dicks
jammed her holes with cream

she had a butt-gasm
and her old knees buckled
her ass was a chasm
and her husband
a cuckold

the interracial gang-bang
went real well
that night her heart exploded
she went straight to hell

A Ray of Hope

woman-571715_960_720“Philly cheese steak please” Gina slurred, with a slightly whining, almost begging tone.

Gina was unaware that she was talking to the curb…her naked body was lying head first, twitching & drooling into the gutter at the corner of 5th and Wabash, there was no one there to witness on this warm summer night.

she hadn’t eaten or bathed in weeks, her smack and crack habits were out of control now. they’d been building for years, possibly decades. Who knew… she no longer cared … dying of full blown aids, lesions covering her 80 lb body, soon to be carcass.

hooking was lucrative, at 1st, $500 an hour, times had changed, now her body was so loathsome and the presence of aids so obvious, she could no longer afford to be picky, her tricks treated her like a punching bag, and most demanded anal…she no longer bartered for her services, she gave them her ass or they’d jerk off on her and give her what they thought she was worth, sometimes they gave nothing. She accepted their assessment of her value

Gina found god and cleaned up for 3 months.

Then something tough happened and she ran back to the pipe and smoked crack till her heart imploded in an alley by a dumpster brimming with trash.

Presently, her soul burns in hell.

Accepting Fate

320px-Dszpics1Greg heard tornado sirens in the distance…pressure loomed.

His dog’s Matey and Steve were licking themselves into a frenzy on his new burgundy leather sofa.

Greg was a man accustomed to facing fears. So, he showed no reaction, or mercy to the pending doom of the twister.

Presently, the dogs switched positions and began to sniff each other much more deeply, savouring every moment. They reveled in the glory of a sniff while dying in the raging twister.

Greg’s face betrayed his despondence as he died.