Every Day is a Gamble


I rolled out of bed
and i sat on a potato

In the kitchen
like McGyver
Fished it out
With a ladle

Bent over
Spread the cheeks
Filled my holes with hot grits

Drew up
The bath water
Took two big shits


Kibbles n bits

2 comments on “Every Day is a Gamble

  1. Reminds me in a way of what happened to soul singer Al Green, story goes he meets a groupie takes her home and they… get to know each other, morning comes and Al is the bathroom about to shower when his lover enters the room, she asks him what he thinks about marriage someday and Al tells her they can talk about it later, next you know Al says all he remembers was pain, the woman took a pot of boiling grits and thru it on his back, by the time Al came to his lover had gone into the bedroom took his gun and killed herself crazy stuff…

    I guess your rite my friend everyday is in fact a gamble…

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    • filthydee123 says:

      Oh. My…goodness, she dumped hot grits on him? Hahaha, that is hilarious! That entire incident sounds like a story I’d write, absurd, even the suicide ending..it’s perfect. Thank you for sharing the glorious Al Green story, that guy enjoyed hot grits and had an abundance of heat! Roll them dice;)


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