Cum Train

Abigail_Smith_Adams_by_Gilbert_Stuart“Why, you little piece of shit,” Mother howled, “I see the devil’s plucking your strings again!”

She’d walked in on her son, who was lying atop the cot of his quarters, fiddling himself gingerly. His trousers were around his knees. The boy wavered, discarded his cock, and proceeded to whimper. “It’s na-na-nothing, Ma, honest! I’s juss checking to see it works.”

Fluid matter sluiced his face, down the crook of his quivering chin. His innards folded with dread. Mother was raging again.

She roared, “Devil spawn! Repent sinner..!” Leaning in slowly, she whispered into his ear, “…Sinner,” then hit him with closed fist to the ribs. Thud!

“Owwww! Please Ma, don’t hit me again! I repent Lord! I repent! Please!” he wailed in earnest.

She doubled over and snatched his timid pecker with a pistol grip. “That’s it, that’s a good beast. Now it’s time to extract your sins in accordance with the ancient ways.”

“Ma, please, not again! …I repent! …I repented!”

“Silence!” she hissed, tugging briskly. Upon the upstroke, in an aggressive timbre, she scolded, “Repent!” Then on the downstroke, “Scum!” Her pace quickened as she recast over and over again, seething: “Repent! Scum! Repent! You scum!”

As the demon neared, she coupled her mouth to the shaft, ready to siphon the sins. The boy sniveled. “Forgive me Lord! Forgive muh.. muh… meeeEEE!”

His pumping phallus dumped gobs of demon spore into her hungry hole. When the throbbing finally relented, she gulped greedily, lapped at the excess, then, with an open hand, struck him hard at the base of his wilting sin tube. He yelped. Tears flowed.

Then, leaving the room, she denied he was her child and vowed to send him to an orphanage. He puddled under his pillow and extruded the emotions that were ripe in his heart, begging the Lord’s forgiveness.

There was no one listening.

12 comments on “Cum Train

  1. You write well with no mercy.

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  2. When I read your stuff, I hear Nazareth:

    or Black Oak Arkansas – Go Jim Dandy:

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  3. I’m still trying to figure out a way to describe your stuff. As to the Nazareth references, I highly recommend watching the video to “Dream On.” Not audio, but the video. It changes your life.

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  4. filthydee123 says:

    I describe it as meaningless shit that makes me laugh;) Just watched the vid. Fucked up stuff. dig it.

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  5. pisceanist says:

    William Burroughs fan? If not, I think it’s a match made in heaven 😀

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  6. Verta says:

    This is always a favourite. You are the best.

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  7. Reminds me somewhat of a lesser known film called Spanking The Monkey came out in the 90s…

    Excellent verbage as always Sir Filthy🐌

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