The Fundamentals

My rod is a plunger

scoopin out foreign  jizz

i stuff it deep
drop my seed
it’s more fertile than his

when it comes to group sex
or running a train
the fattest cock
and strongest seed
will continue the strain

2 comments on “The Fundamentals

  1. Ahhhhh how this reminds me of… Well names don’t matter in the grand scope of it all, Filthy my friend I knew a gal who did things that would make Madonna blush, on particular night while she was still separated from her husband she took a group, her so called fantasy she said, thing is somebody slipped and she got pregnant, the rest well to be continued I suppose lol, talk about the fundamentals of love making for sure…

    Excellent piece brought back some nice memories…

    Liked by 1 person

    • filthydee123 says:

      Oh my, your gal’s lust for gangbangs is a very desirable trait, many evolutionary advantages to taking on an entire slew of dicks on one extended session. Good for her!!! Live your fantasy girl;) hope the kid is alright, hope you are as well Cory, you’re very busy, i’m trying to keep up;)


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