Simple Sins

Ranger-Battle_for_WesnothGregor the lustful woodsman, finished his flagon of honey mead, let out a tremendous belch, threw the flagon across the room and bellowed’.whoooress! service me now, i’ve much copper to fill your purses.’

the largest, whitest gals in the joint, kat and melinda, hopped to.  they’d whored long enough to know gregor slingblade was a fair man when it came to copper and was no slouch when it came to stuffing BBW’s

‘ooo gregor, you’re so steamy with lust, lets go have us a romp in my bed chamber’

‘nah, right here, felate me now.’

gregor pulled out at least eight inches of semi-hard flesh from his boiled leather trousers, he eyed the trollops greedily and tugged his grimey tube with desire. panting and muttering.

the dames missed no beats in dropping to suck said tube, they took turns gagging on it. the service was prompt.

they knew a public show would likely whip the other patrons into a frenzy and it could lead to tips from those not filling their holes, but merely enjoying the spectacle, win win

right on cue , davey the bard strummed a fitting tune on his mandolin, while blessing the brothel with his pipes of golden honey, he warbled an old favorite, ‘two dames, one man…he’s gonna fill their holes, n pay em some copper, big dames love seed just like the rest…’, it was an old classic

bearded patrons cheered on the singing and the heavy fucking that was sure to ensue

gregor was mean hard, and had had  enough oral for now, he quickly removed his leathers and commanded kat to lay upon the table with her gut to the sky and her legs spread to opposing horizons.

he stepped between her squat legs, got in a medium horse stance to activate his core then drove home to the hilt in her gape…he pumped furiously with anger, taking no pleasure in the fucking of this pig, it was a mission to eject his lustful poison deep in her guts

yeah, gregor was pumping with hate in his eyes, and the guy just starts wailing this whore about the face and gut, hammer fists mostly, not trying to kill or nothing i don’t think but hard enough to leave some nasty welts, especially on skin as fair as kats.

but the patrons, they’re loving it, start cheering and shit, flipping coins on em and making it rain.

kat wants to stop the beating but can’t cuz the money that’s raining down is worth more than her feelings

gregor’s about to unload, he’s quivering lets out a moan while pulling out of kats pussy and shivving it home into her ass, did i mention this whole time the other dame whose name i forgot was taking a shit, yeah, see, she felt awkward about herself and didn’t really know what to do cuz gregor started boning kat, and she felt like a 3rd wheel so she lit up a smoke to chill for a sec while they fucked and the cigarette was like, stomping on her shit button, you know how it is, lite a smoke and unload your colon, you can’t even help it,

so while kats getting wailed on, her besty is just unloading a straight pile of day old dumplings and boiled cabbage into the outhouse,she feels a little bad about herself but not so bad cuz during these times there’s not so much pressure for girls to not be gross, not like there is today with the internet anyway, i mean, she knows she’s nothing special and can only be a whore, but, it’s like, easier to accept without the added societal pressure, etc.

then gregor’s like


kats eyes lit with terror and dread as she was clearly being filled with sin, in her ass, to the brim.

she cried out, ‘NOOOOOOOOOOO’

gregors demon seed melted through this big gals entire body, leaving nothing left of her but a pile of steaming molten flesh and demons.

the seed mixed with her melted carcass and formed a black gelatinous mass, a demon perhaps, most likely, whatever it was it was growing, big and fast.

gregor tried to run but tripped on a pile of kat’s feces that must’ve slipped out between thrusts, either that or it flopped out of her before she melted or maybe during the melting process. we’ll never know, it was her shit though for sure, trust me.

so, he like, slipped on that shit and fell back into the demon mass of sins, and it consumed him instantly, the guy didn’t even have time to scream or bemoan his fate or nothing like that. it was real sad

drunk patrons were all screamin and  trying to flee, but it was too late, the mass of sins was growing at an exponential rate, quicker so with every person it devoured, the shit went down like the big bang, the room was engulfed in 2 seconds, the town in 10, the world in 20, and the universe in like, 60.

and get this, it’s not called the universe anymore, it’s the demonverse

that melted demon spawned other demons and it’s this whole big nightmare that i can’t get into now cuz i gotta go do some things but, yeah, you get the picture, life’s tougher now.

4 comments on “Simple Sins

  1. Asperganoid says:

    Well, my first wordpress sex story!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know why, but when I need a good chuckle this story always does it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kiersten says:

    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!


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