Darwin’s Quandary


Some girls yearn to be absolutely brimming with dicks and semen. When their pussies are ready for breeding, they inform by saying, “Keep letting all these guys fill me and cumming deep!”

From an evolutionary standpoint, we should embrace the gang-bang. Girls like this, who lust for gang bangs, are more evolved.

After all, the desire to breed is the foundation of longing for many cocks. Many cocks in extended sessions.

4 comments on “Darwin’s Quandary

  1. This theory you have presented holds great weight, one must applaud the dedication and commitment of a woman who finds fancy in multiple partners, it truly is the progression of evolution, this post was indeed interesting and enjoyable…

    It does raise the question, if we are witnessing evaluationary growth, what is to possibly come there after, what could the future possibly hold for evolution, only time shall tell I suppose…

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  2. filthydee123 says:

    I can’t believe the answer for all humanities problems was staring us in the face this entire time.


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